The Creative Process

So I have been fortunate enough to photograph two people during their respective creative processes and in their own environments in recent days. Much more to follow on this, but here’s a few photos from my first forays into these projects.

James Beatley is a Luthier.

Natalia is an artist:

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  1. southernjohnson

    Art is so amazing! I love to watch an artist at work!

  2. These are really beautiful photos.

  3. love everything about this!

    p.s. thanks for the like!

    • Thanks very much. Nice photo you posted, I love images of trees. You should check out the Raven Loop walk I did a few posts back, that’s some “gatrden”!

  4. A Luthier, what an interesting person to follow! Great photos!

  5. Always been intrigued by the luthier profession, I could watch those people for days. Maybe that’s what I want to be when I grow up. Great photos!

  6. the silhouette of the man playing the violin. wow.
    Keep up the amazing photos, my man.

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