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Lonely Tree

Spotted during a stroll in the Phoneix Park on Wednesday evening. Click on these images for the full size versions (if you so wish) as they are pretty big files. Plus it will do the sky justice!

Lonely Tree

Lonely goalposts

Birds strike the jackpot

I was walking home the other evening when, in one of the many fruit and vegetable wholesale yards that surround where I live, I spotted these lucky little birds who had happened upon a significant bounty!

Not the best images by any means as I took them hastily through the rails of a fence with the wrong/only available lens, but all those excuses are still no reason not to share the good fortune of these birds!

* For the purposes of captioning these photos I have attempted to read the minds of birds. However, I do not actually  believe that I can read the minds of birds. Just dogs and some horses.

Whoa! Hang on, is this a trap?

I’m taking my dinner down here just in case…

Rules are made to be broken!

Eenie meenie minie mo…

The Spire

The Spire, as seen from Henry Street

The Spire, as seen from sitting on Henry Street!

Not everyone in Dublin enjoyed the Tall Ships Festival…

Peeling Paint

Adifferentkettleoffishaltogether on Ormond Quay, Dublin:


A pair of Dublin’s famous seahorses watching the world go by from their lamp post on Grattan Bridge.

Sunday Afternoon

I had my photography outing all planned on Sunday. I was going to the Masonic Lodge for a tour and I was really looking forward to seeing and trying to capture the interior of this impressive building.

Unfortunately, when we got there we found out it was all booked out for the day, with a considerable waiting list (I’m hoping to get back on Culture NIght). So there I was, camera in hand and nothing to shoot! But, thanks to the kind indulgence of my friends – and a few people I had just met – I was allowed to happily snap away in their direction for a couple of hours.

The following photos can be pretty much divided in two. The shots I took on the short walk from Molesworth Street over to The Bull & Castle on the top of Dame Street (taking in some great sand sculptures at Dublin Castle along the way), where we watched the Liverpool v Man City game and relaxed for the afternoon. All the shots I took inside the bar itself are the ones in black and white here.

This wasn’t the plan, but this was Sunday afternoon:


Paul and Maeve



Brown Thomas window











Paul and Maeve

Tall Ships Festival


For some people it was fascinating…

For others, it was all old hat

The Samuel Beckett Bridge open to allow a Tall Ship pass

From further up the Quays the still open bridge looked like one of the ships lit up for the night

Lock in the Grand Canal Basin

Not all pictures were pretty in the basin

Some of the locals took it all in their stride…

Others got very excited

Nice vantage point

Painting a wall in the basin

Slightly less than ship shape

Sailors greeting the crowds on their way into the city

The Tall Ships are in!

The Tall Ships Festival kicks off today (Thursday) in Dublin. There’s a huge amount of great, free events taking place as part of the festival throughout the course of the weekend. See the full schedule of events and everything else you could possibly need to know here.

I went down yesterday evening to have a look at the ships, some of which were still arriving at that point.

The sun was beginning to set at that point and I stayed on for a few hours, checking out the ships and taking some photos of them lit up at night, which was great, especially as they also opened the Samuel Beckett Bridge (which you can see in the photo above) to let one through – not something I’d seen before. It looked like a runway lighting up the Liffey when it was fully swivelled around!

Many more photos to follow here whenever I get the chance. In the meantime, the Tall Ships and the many associated events are really worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Dublin Dragon

Have you seen Moore Street’s dragon?