Observing the tower

I was hobbling to the shop yesterday evening when I came across this nice reflection of the imposing observation tower in Smithfield captured in a window above the Cobblestone pub at the top of Smithfield Square on North King Street.

The observation tower reflected in a window above the Cobblestone pub

This is the full view of the Cobblestone pub, which is legendary for its traditional music sessions and just a great pub in general.

The Cobblestone pub

Now, turning directly around from where I spotted the reflection of the tower, this is the view in the opposite direction:

View from the top of Smithfield Square

The observation tower, which was converted into a tourist attraction, is closed now – and has been for some time – but it is one of the main landmarks around where I live, so I decided to take a few different shots of it on the very short walk back home to Cuckoo Lane.

Now, there’s many more ways you could take this tower and from many more places, but I have a nasty foot infection and so was not up for deviating from the path I was hobbling home on! It would be nice to get a chance to go up into the tower and get a view from up there some day.

View from mid-way down Smithfield Square

View from Duck Lane

View from outside the Jameson Distillery

View from the entrance to the Jameson Distillery

And finally… the view from my balcony!

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  1. The Jameson disillery? I trip I must make! Great shots.

  2. great photography! You’ve got my attention.

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