Dublin by night

I went for a walk through the city centre, down by the Liffey, with a couple of short diversions along the way. Some day I’ll go out with a plan and a tripod and take some good photographs, but these will suffice for now. It was good practice as I never take photos at night-time. As ever, just click on any of the pics for the full size image.

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  1. Good god I miss that place. And the pics are gorgeous as always!

  2. I love the photos. Dublin is on my list of places I want to visit before I die.

  3. Wonderful! I look forward to more.

  4. Wow beautiful photos! I so wish to go to Ireland someday 🙂

  5. Great shots! One day I will make it to Europe and visit Dublin. Are you familiar with a place called Dzogchen Beara? West Cork I think.

    Take care.


  6. Nice Dublin by night series. Wonderful work Conor.

  7. Stunning photographs. Amazingly, I went to a school called St Mary’s – although it didn’t look at all like that!

  8. My very best friend is from Dublin. She speaks of it, and I feel it from her emotion…

  9. Wait a second. You’re saying these shots are all hand held? They are all beautiful!

    • Thanks! Ya, all hand held. I even brought the wrong lens, but only realised that when I was out and about, so pretty happy with how they turned out, all things considered. Still have an awful lot to learn!

  10. Very interesting use of existing light. I would be curious to know your shutter speeds and where you used a flash and if it was a fixed flash or a dedicated flash. These are all very special shots I like the Temple Bar shot especially but only second to the shot with the green flag. I can’t imagine how you did that without a tripod. Lovely.

  11. I had a chance to visit Dublin a few years ago. Your photographs remind me of how beautiful the city is. Your photos are like scenes from a movie!

  12. Great pics.
    What’s the thing with the blue neon arcs? (was last in Dublin longer ago than I care to admit ;-))
    I’m not sure you’re aware that posts with more than 12(?) tags are excluded from the reader? (Except the blogs I follow section). So for something like this maybe use Dublin, rather than a list of the different buildings?

  13. Fantastic photos. Where is that Gay Byrne poster, it’s deadly! I’m moving back to Dublin in September after three years abroad and your photos are reminding me of all the beautiful places I’d forgotten!

    • Thanks! Glad to show you some of the nice places around here. You can explore them all again! That’s in Temple Bar, down by the Icon Factory shop – they have a whole alley of Irish icons on the walls, it’s really cool.

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