Dublin Dragon

Have you seen Moore Street’s dragon?

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  1. Conor, I like this dragon… It reminds me of a book that was one of my daughter’s favorites when she was 2 1/2 years old (a long time ago). She named the book -My Akito-, but the title is -The Tears of the Dragon- by Hiroshuke Hamada. Thanks for posting such great photographs.~Mary

  2. It’s not too scary close up. Sort of like a dog with puffy eyelids. Nice shots!

  3. Hahaha. Will actually look up next time!

  4. That’s one cute little guy right there 😉 Has a bit of a Chinese/Asian look to him, doesn’t he? The pics are awesome, I particularly like the last one – the shadow silhouette is my second favorite. Is there any kind of tale/legend connected to this sculpture or is it just an ornament? I might try to get a shot of our Krakow dragon in the next couple of days (if there aren’t too many tourists around…), it’s larger and scarier than your Dublin dragon plus it is said that a dragon actually lived in a cave below the Royal Castle (the cave’s still there, too) and Krakow really knows how to exploit that legend (think stuffed toy dragons :D).

    • Thanks! I think his origins may be Chinese, but I’m very much open to correction on that! I don’t know the background story to him, I will endeavour to find out. I would like to see the Krakow dragon, he sounds very impressive!

  5. Northern Narratives

    Looks like a friendly dragon 🙂

  6. One fabulous dragon! I happen to adore them…

  7. My dad pointed this out to me years ago and recently i was trying to figure out where it was. I couldnt remember at all and it was driving me daft! thanks so much for jogging my memory. Going to check it out on my walk home 🙂 fantastic pics!

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