Tall Ships Festival


For some people it was fascinating…

For others, it was all old hat

The Samuel Beckett Bridge open to allow a Tall Ship pass

From further up the Quays the still open bridge looked like one of the ships lit up for the night

Lock in the Grand Canal Basin

Not all pictures were pretty in the basin

Some of the locals took it all in their stride…

Others got very excited

Nice vantage point

Painting a wall in the basin

Slightly less than ship shape

Sailors greeting the crowds on their way into the city

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  1. Wow. Its amazing how many of those look like paintings. Great framing too, loved the hats and thick hanging ropes, and the canal. So cool.

  2. I loved all the tall ship photos. So many beautiful skies. I enjoyed seeing the not so pretty too.

  3. These photos are masterful – beautiful…

  4. Great photography capturing what’s right with our world. I especially liked the 3rd shot with the tall masks against the darkened sky. Is it possible the old captain from Treasure Island came back to sail his Tall ship home?

  5. These are gorgeous photos!

  6. Absolutely fantastic! Really love it 🙂

  7. This is awesome! I came back from a trip up to the Causeway Wednesday night and begged my boyfriend to stay in town so we could walk up to the ships (against the grain of people coming from the O2, I might add). Love to see them in the day!

    • Thanks Rachel. Glad you got to see them. I haven’t been back since Wednesday evening, but I will be going down tonigth, only problem (from a photography point of view) will be the massive crowds! Should be fun though. I’m going to the Giant’s Causeway soon. How was it?

      • Causeway is fantastic. My second time up. Was there in March and it was bitterly cold. Full of people, but on a sunny day you can only ever catch its good side. Get yourself there! 🙂

      • Will do! Can’t believe you’ve been there twice already. A Kiwi putting an Irish country boy to shame 🙂

      • I’m told that so often. To be fair though, I worked for Paddywagon Tours for five months. It was just too easy to jump on a bus.

  8. Very good Conor, what camera did you purchase after.

  9. beautiful pictures! I always wanted to take pictures on a boat or a ship. Where were these pictures taken?

  10. I am a huge fan of these images. They tell such a great story.

  11. Nice shots! Those tall ship are pretty amazing as well as the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

    I have the Americas Cup in town and I need to take advantage of the situation by taking a few shots of the worlds fastest boats. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Great photographs Conor – particularly like the one of the ropes and the statue – is that from the Famine commemoration sculpture?

  13. i love ship, i love your picture…it was amazing 😀

  14. Very nice pictures and great colours. I love the one with the ducks in the water, it’s magnetic.

  15. Thanks for the like! And “like” right back atcha! This is a cool post. I had a wander down there on Saturday, but the sheer volume of people made me leave quite sooner than I’d planned. I really wish I’d seen the bridge open! Awesome I imagine? You got some great pictures! Amy

    • Thanks Amy. Ya, it was great to see the bridge opening, especially at night. Thankfully I got down there before it all kicked off. I like your blog. You are a creative bunch 🙂

  16. Your tall ships fest is so much more impressive than ours. Our two ships on the Pacific Coast of the USA are a pretty puny sample compared to your fest… but it was still fun. Less of a problem with crowds. 😉

  17. Nice pics Conor, very cool and impressive seeing as you only bought your camera in May… I use a nikon, you?

  18. Well done Conor great shots

  19. Nature has perfection, in order to show that she is the image of God and defects, to show that she is only his image…

  20. Great and interesting photo`s. Were they taken in Holland?

  21. Conner . . . some good stuff . . . I’ve been doing photography since the 1960’s . . . old school film and darkroom craftsman . . . I especially liked the shot of the middies focused on their phones . . . keep at it !!

  22. We have had the tall ships in Boston too…fabulous to see. Love the images here, Conor, especially the ropes!

  23. Each series of photographs is like a visual book, each photograph a complete chapter. Next story please.

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