The Tall Ships are in!

The Tall Ships Festival kicks off today (Thursday) in Dublin. There’s a huge amount of great, free events taking place as part of the festival throughout the course of the weekend. See the full schedule of events and everything else you could possibly need to know here.

I went down yesterday evening to have a look at the ships, some of which were still arriving at that point.

The sun was beginning to set at that point and I stayed on for a few hours, checking out the ships and taking some photos of them lit up at night, which was great, especially as they also opened the Samuel Beckett Bridge (which you can see in the photo above) to let one through – not something I’d seen before. It looked like a runway lighting up the Liffey when it was fully swivelled around!

Many more photos to follow here whenever I get the chance. In the meantime, the Tall Ships and the many associated events are really worth a visit if you’re in the area!

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  1. That is an amazing sight. So many colors in a setting sun.

    • Thanks! It was a beautiful evening. I have so many taken looking back up towards the sun/city centre, will throw a few more in the post with my photos from last night. Just had this one to hand as it’s now my Facebook cover photo – that tends to rotate in sync with my latest blog post!

  2. Northern Narratives

    Very exciting. I like the tall ships.

  3. What a great festival of events! Make sure to post photos of what you see, since most of us can’t be there to attend.

  4. Powerful and filled of wonderment of where have they been? Love the sky, I am a sky-junkie and will be following your blog. Thanks for visiting mine as well!

    • Nice to hear from a fellow sky junkie! Maybe we should start a group, Heads in the Clouds Anonymous?!

      • If you check out my blog you will see I have a category called Amazing skies… I would join that Heads in the Clouds Anonymous and step one would be admitting we are powerless over the passing clouds – and our ability not to shoot them unmanageable!!!! LOL

  5. What beautiful photographs! Thanks for visiting my blog too.

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