Sunday Afternoon

I had my photography outing all planned on Sunday. I was going to the Masonic Lodge for a tour and I was really looking forward to seeing and trying to capture the interior of this impressive building.

Unfortunately, when we got there we found out it was all booked out for the day, with a considerable waiting list (I’m hoping to get back on Culture NIght). So there I was, camera in hand and nothing to shoot! But, thanks to the kind indulgence of my friends – and a few people I had just met – I was allowed to happily snap away in their direction for a couple of hours.

The following photos can be pretty much divided in two. The shots I took on the short walk from Molesworth Street over to The Bull & Castle on the top of Dame Street (taking in some great sand sculptures at Dublin Castle along the way), where we watched the Liverpool v Man City game and relaxed for the afternoon. All the shots I took inside the bar itself are the ones in black and white here.

This wasn’t the plan, but this was Sunday afternoon:


Paul and Maeve



Brown Thomas window











Paul and Maeve

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  1. Great shots – I particularly love the first shot with the birds, gorgeous!

  2. Love the photos Conor!

  3. Even though your Sunday didn’t turn out like you expected…Guess what? You captured some great photographs! I especially like the shots of the great sand sculptures at Dublin Castle you took along the way: “What lovely green eyes you have, number 11,” I said to the statue as I viewed her elegant stare.” She smiled, winked and said, “Thank you.”

  4. Your photographs are telling a story 🙂

  5. love the Phil Lynott picture. I remember when he died driving down Tullow street, windows open, blaring “Cathleen” crappykitchen x

  6. Love the pictures of food and drink!

  7. Some great shots there, even if things didn’t go to plan!

  8. Northern Narratives

    Nice collection of your day.

  9. *Like* and Love the pics esp. Paul & Maeve, Nelly, Birds and there’s something really beautiful about Brown Thomas Window… so shall we say, everything happens for a reason…?

  10. Each shot is simply fantastic…

  11. lovely photos, looks like a wonderful afternoon, personally i think better than a masonic lodge

    i really like your line in “about” regarding the ironic jumper ~ ironic jumper people are posers anyway ~ cheers!

  12. What a great cast of folks to be around in a bar watching futbol 🙂

  13. The portraits are wonderful. I feel like I know these people.

  14. These are great. Thanks so much for sharing them.

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