The Spire

The Spire, as seen from Henry Street

The Spire, as seen from sitting on Henry Street!

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  2. Fantastic photo Conor x

  3. My daughter was in Dublin for 6months, I came to visit love dublin did it sober!!!

  4. Hi Conor, the first is surreal with the light on it, like something from a different dimension………its so difficult to photograph but this shot says it all.

  5. Looks like a needle. I can almost see the eye for threading it at the base!

  6. Your Spire is Magnificent compared to the one in my city:

  7. wow what an epic looking spire, very surreal. great pix

  8. Those buildings make me dream. Great pics.

  9. Brendan Lawrence

    Conor, your pics are class and your new camera is an extension of your mind, making the world a much more beautiful place for us all to see. PS – I’m in love with that link to the other voices with Joseph O’Connor, WOW!

    • Thanks a million Brendan, I really appreciate that. Ya, that video is great, if you get a chance you should look up the whole show on the RTE Player, lots of readings and great songs, I think you’d really enjoy it.

  10. There’s a million reasons why I love this. Anything monumentally architecture-related gets my juices flowing. Also, symmetry and one-point perspective is so visually delicious. Speaking of, right before I saw this post I just finished watching a montage of Kubrick scenes shot in one-point perspective, which has totally inspired me. Hope it does you, too:

  11. That is great! Thanks a million. Had never noticed that about Kubrick’s work.

  12. Watch out Father Christmas! Great angles in these..

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