Birds strike the jackpot

I was walking home the other evening when, in one of the many fruit and vegetable wholesale yards that surround where I live, I spotted these lucky little birds who had happened upon a significant bounty!

Not the best images by any means as I took them hastily through the rails of a fence with the wrong/only available lens, but all those excuses are still no reason not to share the good fortune of these birds!

* For the purposes of captioning these photos I have attempted to read the minds of birds. However, I do not actually  believe that I can read the minds of birds. Just dogs and some horses.

Whoa! Hang on, is this a trap?

I’m taking my dinner down here just in case…

Rules are made to be broken!

Eenie meenie minie mo…

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  1. Well, you certainly sound like you can read birds minds. Does that make you a bird brain?

  2. Cool photos. I love the immensity of the pile of fruit in the first photo and the solitary bird confronted with it all.

  3. These are fun! The first one is particularly good–so unexpected.

  4. Hahaha eenie meenie… Fun!

  5. Love it..

  6. Sooo gooood!!!

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