Lonely Tree

Spotted during a stroll in the Phoneix Park on Wednesday evening. Click on these images for the full size versions (if you so wish) as they are pretty big files. Plus it will do the sky justice!

Lonely Tree

Lonely goalposts

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  1. Love the first photo of the lonely tree. Gorgeous.

  2. mesmerizing pictures!

  3. I like both photos, but my favorite is the first. Great tree silhouette!

  4. The colors are surreal. Very nice!

  5. Brendan Lawrence

    I’d like to sit under that tree. The goalposts remind me of uncountable amounts of late summer evenings as I’d walk off the pitch, bag over the shoulder, friends babbling and chattering around me and I’d take the last glance back at the goalposts and you had that feeling that life couldn’t get any better.
    You have something here Conor, you really do!

  6. Love the tone. Nice shots.

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog because now I can visit yours!!! 🙂 LOVE the photos! paula ♥

  8. The top photograph is stunning, its one of those shots ive always wanted to take and never given the chance…. amazing!!

  9. That’s the loneliest tree I’ve ever seen!

  10. Good morning Conor! I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award, please follow the link if you choose to accept my nomination! http://patriciaddrury.com/2012/09/01/one-lovely-blog-award-nomination/.
    If not, no worries, I am impressed with your talent and you inspire me to be better!

    • Thanks so much Patricia! Best of luck with your goal. Get out there and have fun is my advice. Don’t worry about the end product at all, just find what interests, excites and inspires and go capture it as best you can (I just spent an hour taking photos while trying to keep a steady hand lying on a trampoline – post to follow!). That’s my advice anyway, from one beginner to another. Will keep an eye on your progress!

  11. I love your stuff. Your photos and your thoughts. Meg andi have friends who live part of the year in Dingel. They love Ireland and the people who live there.

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