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Beautiful photos of Dublin

The Irish Architecture Foundation and The Irish Times are running a competition through Flickr to promote a great initiative called Open House Dublin.

People who enter are asked to submit photos (a max of one a day) until the competition closes on October 8. It opened on September 20 and my friend Sophie sent me a link to it yesterday and suggested I enter it, so I did, even if I am a bit late to the game.

I have to say I am way, way out of my league! The work in there is incredible, have a look! here for a visual feast!

All the usual Dublin landmarks (photos have to be from Dublin/Dun Laoghaire) you’d expect in an architecture focused photography competition are in there (lots of Beckett Bridges and Custom Houses etc), but there really are some stunning shots, it’s well worth taking a look.

As I entered yesterday, I’m up to two photos now, one that has appeared on this blog recently and one that hasn’t been on it before (though others of the same feature have). I have posted them below. They are the only two photos so far on my brand new Flickr account.

There is a public prize, for the photo that is “favourited” the most on Flickr and then a judge’s prize too.

But, in all sincerity, while I haven’t a prayer, it’s great to have something like this to enter to see what’s being done out there by others, the extremely high standards people are reaching and – most importantly of all – it’s another excuse to try find time in my increasingly busy schedule to get out and about with the camera, something I am struggling with at the moment, due to the demands or work and life.

Thanks Sophie!

Moore Street Dragon

Fountain, People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire

Dublin Bus, Dame Street

These three photos were all taken within a stone’s throw of each other in Dublin city centre on Saturday. Click on the photos for the bigger versions, if you’d like to see them.

A Dublin Bus makes its way down Dame Street

Temple Bar

Copper Alley

Culture Night

She Said Yes


Fountain Fly-By

I was already pretty happy with the elements in this photo of a fountain in the People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire, when just as I went to take it a bird decided to perform a fly-by and – in my humble opinion – make the image a whole lot better.

Sometimes you just get lucky I guess. Click for the big version to get a good look at the little poser!

Phoenix Park landmarks

I love the Phoenix Park and, like many others, have come to look on it as my rather large back garden. Here’s some photos of two of its landmark features, against the backdrop of those Sepia skies I’m so fond of. It started off as a moderately nice evening as I reached the Wellington Monument, close to the park’s entrance, but, as you won’t be a bit surprised to hear from looking at the clouds in my photos, the sun soon set and the heavens opened. It was a nice walk back in the rain though!

“The Wellington Monument is a 62 metres (203 ft) tall obelisk commemorating the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. It is the largest obelisk in Europe and would have been even higher if the publicly subscribed funding had not run out. Designed by Robert Smirke, there are four bronze plaques cast from cannons captured at the Battle of Waterloo—three of which have pictorial representations of Wellington’s career, while the fourth has an inscription at the base of the obelisk”.

Interestingly (for nerds like me anyway!), he was still alive when this was built, technically making it a testimonial, not a monument.

Click on the photos for the big versions (big skies).

“The Magazine Fort in the south east of the Park marks the location where Phoenix Lodge was built by Sir Edward Fisher in 1611. In 1734 the house was knocked down when the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Lionel Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset, directed that a powder magazine be provided for Dublin. An additional wing was added to the fort in 1801 for troops. It was the scene of the Christmas Raid in 1939.”

The magazine fort has been satirically immortalised in a jingle by Jonathan Swift who wrote:

Now’s here’s a proof of Irish sense,
Here Irish wit is seen,
When nothing’s left that’s worth defence,
We build a Magazine.”

The Phoenix Park is home to many sports clubs and many playing fields and pitches. Here’s one I passed on my stroll from the Wellington Monument to the Magazine Fort. It was the scene of a pretty timid pitch invasion at the time.

Bonus Bird!

* There are many, many landmarks in the huge Phoenix Park, I have only mentioned  the two I walked by before getting rained on during this particular evening, it is not intended to be a comprehensive list!

Nature and Deeds

I photographed the opening of an exhibition last night at the (relatively) new Avenue Road Gallery in Portobello.

Here is a selection of shots from “Nature and Deeds” by Stephen Morris.

It is really worth going to see if you get a chance.

Great exhibition space too!

Stephen Morris with one of his pieces

Jennette Donnelly runs Avenue Road Gallery with her partner Billy

What would an exhibition be without it?


A proud father is among the first to arrive to see his son’s work

The exhibition was opened by Elaine Grainger from Talbot Gallery and Studios


During a stroll in the Phoenix Park recently I came across this lot enjoying a relaxing evening on the pitches.

They’re pretty friendly, but I only got a few minutes before it started to lash rain and they (like me) ran for cover.

I’ll go back over some day soon and do it properly.

You can read all about the Phoenix Park’s deer here.

Duncannon: Return of the iPhone!

I was in Duncannon recently with my friend Kevin when we spotted this trawler up on the beach.

It had been brought in to be painted, as we discovered when we went down to take a look – and we were far from the only people whose atttention it grabbed.

It was a great photo opp due to the setting, the unusual sight of a boat “washed up” on the beach and the fact that it was a really beautiful day.

Of course I hadn’t my camera with me, so I returned to my trusty iPhone, which – as a means of capturing images anyway – has been rusting in my pocket lately!

But, as I have blogged before, it was the iPhone that was instrumental in sparking my interest in photography again. That and the good influence of the talented Claire Hefferon, who is now doing her thing in Canada. I captured a lot of moments and images over the past 18 months that would have otherwise slipped by.

My iPhone really wasn’t able for the blazing sun that day in Duncannon, but in some ways I kind of like what happened with these, admittedly poor, images:

Fashion Show

I was walking for something to eat last Friday night when I noticed some action up by the Powerscourt Centre.

South William Street in Dublin City Centre was also cordoned off, so naturally, being the inquisitive sort, I wandered up to have a look.

Turns out there was an event on later that night as part of Dublin Fashion Festival. which I was unaware was even going on, but then I’m not much of a Fashionista to be fair!

When I arrived on the scene the models were already on the scene, preparing for the show ahead and, no doubt, seeing if they could safely negotiate the steep, stone steps in sky-high stilettos. I took a few candid snaps there before going to dinner and then stopped back afterwards to see a small bit fo the show, taking a few more photos.

On my return to the scene, it was packed with people, but the official photographer for the event kindly invited me up the other side of the ladder he was using in a great spot across the road. I don’t know if it was a completely altruistic gesture or if he just wanted my bodyweight as ballast for equilibrium/safety purposes, but either way I’m grateful to him.

Interestingly, he was quite annoyed with the background lighting (the big blue spotlights you can see in the photos that follow) as it was being left on throughout at the beginning, making it impossible for him to get the shots he wanted. I, on the other hand, completely unconcerned with the clothes, found it quite interesting!

Eventually, he got the problem sorted and the lights came on for the entry of models and were turned off as they strutted their stuff on the Powerscourt steps, ensuring he got some great fashion shots… quite unlike what I took! These are a mix of shots from the rehearsals and the show itself. As ever, click for the big versions.