Heroes come from here

I walk through Ormond Square in Dublin’s inner city on my way to the quays.

It’s a small, well-kept square of terraced houses, with a little green containing a playground area at its centre.

The low wall surrounding that green has a plaque placed discreetly on it, dedicated to the square’s most famous son.

John Giles, one of Ireland’s greatest soccer players, was born and raised in number 7 Ormond Square.

What I really like about this simple plaque is the message its last line bears, particularly for the local kids: “Heroes come from here”.

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  1. That is one strong and cool line, I have never seen such a line before on plaques. Spotted any up and coming footie heroes around there?

    (P.S. I have to admit I had to look at Wikipedia.. John Giles was a football hero before my time..)

    • Hi Nicola, plenty of kids kicking balls about down there, I’m sure there’s at least one among them! We all know John Giles here, he has been one of the country’s best-known football analysts for many years, he was Ireland’s manager for a while before that and he he also runs a charitable foundation in his own name. An all-round decent guy it seems.

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