A very Dublin couple of days

Two beautiful young ladies from Bolton came over to Dublin to significantly brighten up my weekend.

It didn’t hurt that they brought some serious sunshine with them on Saturday!

Here’s a selection of shots from a fun couple of days.

(Click for the bigger files)



The “Urban Vineyard” at Meeting House Square in Temple Bar, created as part of a wine promotion



Artificial and natural shade on the sunniest day of the year


A flower in Mahua’s hair compimenting both the natural and built environments

People enjoying the Urban Vineyard (and the wine)

Mahua and Priya

South William Street

A reflective Guinness truck on the south quays

Priya and Mahua on the pier in Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire flags

A view from Dun Laoghaire towards Poolbeg and its famous smoke stacks

Strong wind and ice cream on a pier in Dun Laoghaire – a very Irish experience!

Looking to the sea in Dun Laoghaire



Mahua surveys the Dun Laoghaire scenery from the “40 Foot” bar


Priya and a shy Mahua

Mahua exacts revenge and turns the camera on a face that definitely belongs behind it!

Mahua, clearly deeply impressed with me…

That’s more like it!

Strolling on the pier in Dun Laoghaire

View from Dun Laoghaire

The girls in familiar pose after another one of my riveting stories – low on consonants, high on vowels.

Priya struggles with the wind in Trinity College

Mahua, a surprisingly talented tree climber, in Trinity College


Mahua and Priya

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  1. The girls and the photos are equally beautiful!

  2. All exceptional photos; vibrant color! Love the juggling photo!

  3. What a lovely series – clearly your friends shared in your joyous visit. Photo with tennis balls is quite cool – surreal depth of field. Nice.

  4. Beautiful shots Conor, as were the one’s with Naomi. At this rate you’ll be getting a call from Vogue!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog dear Conor, it is so nice to meet you and also with your camera. These are amazing photographs… Make me feel as if I know you all… There is a wonderful touches in them. And especially the eyes shots fascinated me. But the ladies are so beautiful too 🙂 Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

  6. Conor, you have the prettiest friends…and you ain’t so bad yourself, my friend! Love the urban vineyard, kind of makes me wonder what kind of natural environment would be created to promote Guiness! And the photos on the water: breathtaking! Every time I visit you I feel I’ve been on vacation. Thanks! xoM

    • Ha! Thanks – on both counts 🙂 I shudder to think about the Guinness one really! That’s a pretty amazing thing to say about my blog, thanks so much. Hope I can provide a few more holidays 🙂

  7. Nice photos, models and settings..great

  8. Conor, thanks for sharing the pic of the person behind the camera. What nice blue eyes you have. I like the clarity of color you captured in all these photographs.

  9. I would recognize those ice cream cones from Teddy’s in Dun Laogahire anywhere!

  10. The pictures are great … So full of life, just good.

  11. Beautiful photos! Also, you have a fantastic nose.

  12. I like the one of the spiky-haired people behind the bike. That would be one of my favourites here 😀

  13. Up until pic 3, I was like — hmm i’m gonna say something about this pic and then “this one too” and “oh this one too…” If I were ever to write my thoughts, it’d no longer fit as a *comment* 😀 Therefore, shortly and sweetly —> GREAT PHO’Os [all of ’em]

  14. So natural, raw…beautifully captured equally beautiful moments. Thank you.

  15. I envy the ladies for having a friend with such amazing talent and willingness to photograph them :)) I second the opinion expressed upthread about you receiving a call from VOGUE (and I say this after looking at the Fashion Show pics as well!!). My favourite is the one of Priya struggling with the wind, the way you captured the movement is just awesome.
    And your picture is a very, very nice addition to the collection, I love knowing who’s behind the computer screen, so to say! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, you’re far too kind to me with that comment. I won’t be making many appearances in this blog I can assure you, but I’m glad you now know who is behind all this nonsense!
      P.S. I would love a call from Vogue 🙂

  16. Really like the Guinness truck photo, er, more than the drink.

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