During a stroll in the Phoenix Park recently I came across this lot enjoying a relaxing evening on the pitches.

They’re pretty friendly, but I only got a few minutes before it started to lash rain and they (like me) ran for cover.

I’ll go back over some day soon and do it properly.

You can read all about the Phoenix Park’s deer here.

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  1. Wow! Why the huge rack? A new born deer around here has the spots, never the older deer. And the rack is never like that, that looks more like a Moose rack.

  2. They really are beautiful. So lucky to be able to get so close to them.

  3. That last one looks like it’s wearing earrings…quite the fashion statement! xoM

  4. beautiful they are and they would make our deer look small here if beside one another…

  5. Wonderful captures. That last shot is amazing.

  6. Beautiful shots …

    You can also look here: I made it two years ago.
    Unsuitable for minors … πŸ˜‰

  7. A family gathering…and you were invited…lucky you!!!

  8. I hope they understand the off-side rule in football! Nice shots

  9. incredible racks of horns –what a fantastic spectacle to behold thank you nice photography

  10. beautiful. the first one is my fav!

  11. Some excellent shots amongst this series where composition, exposure and an accurate use of depth of field lift them well above the ordinary.

  12. I love the deer in Pheonix Park…

  13. Beautiful creatures. I think the black & white shots really do them justice.

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