Duncannon: Return of the iPhone!

I was in Duncannon recently with my friend Kevin when we spotted this trawler up on the beach.

It had been brought in to be painted, as we discovered when we went down to take a look – and we were far from the only people whose atttention it grabbed.

It was a great photo opp due to the setting, the unusual sight of a boat “washed up” on the beach and the fact that it was a really beautiful day.

Of course I hadn’t my camera with me, so I returned to my trusty iPhone, which – as a means of capturing images anyway – has been rusting in my pocket lately!

But, as I have blogged before, it was the iPhone that was instrumental in sparking my interest in photography again. That and the good influence of the talented Claire Hefferon, who is now doing her thing in Canada. I captured a lot of moments and images over the past 18 months that would have otherwise slipped by.

My iPhone really wasn’t able for the blazing sun that day in Duncannon, but in some ways I kind of like what happened with these, admittedly poor, images:

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  1. Still fun to capture that moment – not bad images either.

    • Thanks. That’s the great thing about phone photography really, getting those photos you wouldn’t otherwise get. This is perhaps not a great example of that as it’s just a boat 🙂

  2. the first one is great!

  3. poor images??! they’re awesome, DUH??

  4. Why aren’t there any pictures of Kevin? He sounds hot.

  5. How lovely! would love to see this place!

  6. As a cell phone photographer I am always amazed by what it captures. Most of the time it’s stuff I don’t see in the moment. I’ve learned to just point and shoot and enjoy the ensuing treasure hunt. Beautiful photos Conor. I’m a big fan of how cell phones catch the light…it’s kind of wild and raw; I like that! xoM

    • Thanks so much Margarita 🙂 I think you treally can get some great shots. As I pointed out in the older post too, I’m a big fan of Instagram and playing with filters on the iPhone (though I didn’t run these pics through it). I know what you mean about wild and raw, it’s a bit dramatic isn’t it?

  7. I think the images turned out really well, especially the first one! It looks like you applied a filter afterwards with photoshop or something. Plus, there’s something to be said for being able to capture totally spontaneous moments 🙂

  8. Love it and wish I had of been there…Great shots…

  9. Little Photo app…awesome on the phone and it has a plugin as well…Try the first for free and then if you like it buy the plugin…

  10. True…But I am a fan of it and it is mega cheap…Seriously though your shots are fantastic without any chippering them up…

  11. I guess that means that you have per-ordered your iPhone 5!

  12. far from poor images I think, they grabbed my attention in my reader straight away. I found your blog recently and love looking at your shots !

  13. Say what you want, the colors are awesome, especially in the first one. They really capture one’s attention, so that there’s not much left to explore technicalities.

  14. It’s not the machine that’s important, but the person behind it – great shots all, but the first and last are very good indeed.

  15. I’ve taken some photos with my phone recently too. But there’s still something different between them and those taken by camera, altough the cameras provided in our mobiles are said to be really good… I’m not really pleased with my photos, but I think yours look really good! I love the last one especially, thanks to this perspective I feel like I’m actually standing there:)

  16. I think those turned out excellent Conor! And the iphone does indeed work quite well for photos in many different types of situations.

  17. return of the ship 🙂
    the sun in 1st photo is so special…

  18. I really like the i-view of the World it is a definite style which I am now christening i-vision. Thanks for these the light is sparkling, lots of atmosphere.

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