Culture Night

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  1. Little Brown Tomato (LBT)

    Wow… quite the collection of photos. Great job on all of them!

  2. Great photography! Well done. 🙂

  3. Great photography. The hanging ball in the fifth photograph reminds me of a similar-ish one we have in Wellington City.
    My favourite photo here would be the clock tower – that is stunning. 😀

  4. Terrific photos! Looks like an amazing event!

  5. Fabulous photos Conor! So vibrant! Looks like it was a great time 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing those. Awesome.

  7. great shots but my favourite – the gal in the polka dress!!! good timing.

  8. Great photos and apparently you do what I do when out and about….I take photos all the time and my friends now tell me that they are going ahead of me so that I can get shots…You have an excellent third eye…Bev

  9. Beautiful shots!

  10. Terrific series – nice variety of techniques and styles. Fun to look at, thanks.

  11. Woaw, you were in great form. Very unique shots.

  12. Great images – I especially like ’74 Vins’ image, very atmospheric.

  13. awesome pics!

  14. Simply stunning…awesome shots!!

  15. Amazing! And each one with its own very different character.

  16. Love that writing on the block in the street – so true! 🙂

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