Whip Your Hair!



So I was preparing to leave my parents’ home in Wexford for Dublin last weekend, a weekend that had seen not a single photo taken.

This was problematic as the weekend is really the only time I get to take photos at the moment.

Then, like a gift from the Gods of photography, arrived my sister and my favourite models; Shauna, Atlanta, Savannah, Kaleb and Gianna. The stars of a couple of previous posts on here.

So I grabbed the camera and we had some fun for a short time before I hit the road.

Getting some heads together


Getting all the heads together!

Shauna and Savannah

Atlanta whips her hair!

Savannah has a go!

Hair-raising stuff!

Sister Slumber

And eyes wide open!

Beware of uncles who can tickle and take photos at the same time!

Jammy Dodger!


Washing up. In the interests of giving credit where it’s due, Atlanta was actually washing up when I came along and took this!

Nana shows her appreciation.

Auntie Collie shows Shauna how to do a neat French plait, with Savannah the willing test subject

I’m missing a what?!

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  1. They are adorable ( and look exhauting! ) great pics!

  2. Flying Hair would be a fun project in front of a white backdrop… great motion!

  3. That does look like fun! Terrific shots Conor!

  4. I love these, so happy and full of life. 🙂

  5. I like your view of life. Inspiring, actually. Beautiful family.

  6. What a great bunch of kids and by the smiles on their faces, they enjoy being photographed.
    …And, it looks like perhaps there’s a new exercise called “whip your hair” that could be equal to hula-hooping and rope jumping.

  7. You’ve captured their energy so well. Being a girl, I love the photo of the hair-braiding and the overall girlishness of the photos!

  8. wonder how much energy they have used to whip up their hair.. good captures!

  9. This is so adorable. Having activities with the kids. Quite marvelous. Bravo siree… =)

  10. I’m gonna wash (or whip) that man right out of my hair . . . . .

    Hi Conor, it seems that you have suddenly developed a fetish for long and wild hair flinging vigorously through the air.

    I hope that you have recovered your Twitter account, as I too have received something from your account.

    Happy October!

  11. Oh my! What a glorious bunch of images! So much energy, so much joy. What an eye you have!

  12. laura@eljaygee

    here come the girls -and Kaleb – all the fun and energy of their arrival is contained in your shots. Great action and portraits that overflow with their characters

  13. I love these shots and your adorable models! Lucky of you to have them and lucky of them to have such a great photographer for an uncle!

  14. Love the motion photos. Very animated. Especially the black and white color contrast.

  15. How gorgeous – their joy gives me a smile to start the day. Thanks.

  16. Children are always active and full of energy . Your sister is so blessed to have them.
    Great pics!

  17. Cute! Makes me wish that I had hair and a kid again 🙂

  18. Love that song! And acting it out! “I whip my hair back & forth!” 🙂

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