“Leave Me Shout”

Brazilian artist Nina Franco is a photographer, feminist and anarchist.

“Leave Me Shout” is a series of photographs that examine the representation, repression and beauty of the female. You can read more about the exhibition and Nina here.

From my own perspective, I absolutely love this collection of stunning images and really couldn’t recommend a visit to see this exhibition highly enough.

“Leave Me Shout” was officially opened by artist Sean Rushe at the Avenue Road Gallery in Portobello last (Saturday) night.

Nina Franco

Nina Franco

Avenue Road Gallery

Sean Rushe

Sean Rushe and Nina Franco

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  1. You captured the event nicely. Her work is interesting.

  2. beautiful imagery…

  3. grishmanphotography

    Amazing :-)big like

  4. These pictures are stunning! The first one is so beautiful and so pure, while a few others are more shocking. Love her work! And she actually looks quite young too. What would she make in a few years, if this is already great?!


  5. The images are beautiful and disturbing, just like women themselves, not to mention how women are perceived and treated in our world. Thanks for bringing us this exhibit, Conor!

  6. Cool post Conor but that is some bizarre stuff.

  7. Thought provoking! And sometimes it is a good to think!!! Thank you!!

  8. Bizarre indeed, abstract art is good.

  9. I hope you understand Conon I was not at all put off or offended in any way by these works.
    My only point was that I felt they were a bit off beat in some ways. But off beat can certainly be a good thing.

  10. Connor, thank you so much for the photos, all they are really amazing and I loved the number 7 (with the fire).
    Keep in touch !

    Nina Franco

    • You’re most welcome Nina. I really enjoyed the exhibition, such powerful work. I will be back with some friends later this week. Look forward to seeing more from you soon.
      All the best.

  11. I strongly recommend the exposition, I loved the way Nina exposed the woman of today, very sensible, natural but at the same time strong and aggressive power itself.

  12. Delighted to see such a fantastic response to Nina Franco’s solo exhibition and I am not in any way surprised! Thank you Conor for capturing the event so beautifully and I look forward to working with you again!
    The exhibition is open until October 27th at avenue road gallery http://www.avenueroadgallery.com

    Jennette and Billy

  13. Wow some these images make me feel a bit uncomfortable – which I get is totally the point. Looks like she really captures anger and vulnerability. Interesting exhibition. Nice post. I’ll check out Nina. Thanks for sharing. x

  14. Wow! Strong stuff..very brave too!

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