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Getting back in the groove

Liffey view from Grattan Bridge

Liffey view from Grattan Bridge

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I had lost my photo-mojo recently. Well, happily I think I have located it! I brought my camera to work today. I took the first two photos in this post on the short stroll home from work a few hours ago. I took the last two during lunch-time on my way for a bite to eat. Even when you’re not putting any great effort into it, there’s still great joy to be taken out of it. I love photography!

Oh and I am planning some shots tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to!


Four Courts view from Arran Street East

Meanwhile, at lunch-time today:


A bird perches on top of Daniel O’Connell

Swans by the Liffey boardwalk

Swans by the Liffey boardwalk

47 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin












Christmas Lights, Camera, Action…

Johnson’s Court

I was on my way to French class last night when the urge to reach for the camera became irresistible.

The combination of a crisp, clear (and very cold!) night, a full moon and the new Christmas lights adorning the city centre proved too much of a temptation for this weak-willed lover of shiny things!

I didn’t have much time to spare due to the aforementioned class, but I managed to take a couple of photos of Henry Street – from the Capel Street and O’Connell Street ends – before I had to make a break for the Alliance Française.

Then, on my walk back after class, I took some photos on Grafton Street and a few more at Johnson’s Court, where the lights covering this narrow lane way proved particularly appealing to me.

I hope to get out for a proper photographic tour of the city centre and its many Christmas lights and decorations soon, but for now here are last night’s three brief stops.

Henry Street

Grafton Street

Johnson’s Court

Henry Street

Grafton Street

Henry Street

Grafton Street

Head in the Clouds/I Love Lamp(posts)

I am in my sick-bed at the moment sorting out some recent photos. I came across the following images in between photos I took on a tour of a well-known building that afternoon and an exhibition opening later that night.

Only that I am going through old folders, I would never have seen them again probably and I’m not claiming that they’re anything particularly worth looking at either. Far from it, in fact.

They have just served as a timely reminder of how when you’re switched on and looking at the world in an image-framing mode it can make even the shortest and most routine walks a lot more fun. Plus I may not have noticed things like the fascinating and charming little plaque pictured below, which is placed high up on a red-brick wall on a building of no particular note, almost as forgotten as the era it laments.

I took these photos on the maybe 10-minute walk from Keogh’s Pub, off Grafton Street, (where we went after the tour) to where my car was parked on the top of Dame Street, by Christ Church Cathedral (from where I was driving to the exhibition opening in Portobello).

I was buzzing at the time from a photography point-of-view. Even between those two fairly lengthy photo-taking sessions I couldn’t put the camera away for a few minutes!

As usual, my head was mostly in the clouds on this short evening walk in Dublin City Centre, which I sort of chart in the captions below. It also seems I was quite taken with the lampposts! I’d say the 10-minute walk must have ended up taking 30 minutes at least (there are a lot more photos than the ones I’m inflicting on you below) Not that I felt it.

Having lost my photo-mojo recently, for various reasons, I need to try recapture the joy of photography that made me stop every 50 yards on a walk back to my car.

I need to get my head back in the clouds.

Looking out the window at Keogh’s Pub.

Out onto George’s Street, looking back at The Mercantile mural

Head back in the clouds!

Cutting through the alley towards Dublin Castle

Back out in the wide open at Dublin Castle

Walking by Dublin Castle and Lady Justice…

… slowly!

Dame Street

Christ Church

The plaque placed discreetly on the wall near where I parked

On arrival in Portobello

Looking out to sea from Howth

All I want for Christmas…

My beautiful niece Savannah, who can now sing the following song to her heart’s content…


Cup of tea with Emma



Saturday afternoon on the Promenade in Clontarf



Images from the First European Alcohol Policy Youth Conference at Bled, Slovenia

To download any of these images just click on it for the large file and then right click and save.