Saturday afternoon on the Promenade in Clontarf



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  1. Great set, I feel bad for the older fella drinking his malt.

  2. Great photos. Thanks for visiting my blog and the like 🙂

  3. beautiful shots. i love the sun on the water.

  4. Certainly a set of contrasts there. Beauty in adversity : ) Good work.

  5. The colors are wonderful, very soft feeling of the ripple~

  6. Amazing photos. Love the way you captured the light.

  7. WOW… I always find Clontarf a bit depressing for some reason, but the sun in your pictures make me forget about that :D) And yes, sad about the old man drinking there, it’s a sign of the times I suppose.

  8. Just had to have a look as I’ve never heard of Clontarf. No big deal, it’s never heard of me. I like obscure places (apologise to the natives for me) and your About made me smile.

  9. Your series has an almost melancholic feel to it. And I love it 🙂

  10. ah, lived in Dollymount/Contarf, just off the sea, for 13 years and did this promenade walk so many times. Pleasing bit of nostalgia here for me. Thanks for your recent visit Conor, delighted you liked the St Patricks piece. Keep up the good work. -Arran.

  11. All brilliant life affirming shots.

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