Cup of tea with Emma



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  1. grishmanphotography

    Big like 🙂

  2. These are great. The second shot is like a film still from late sixties/ early seventies. I can imagine either Mick jagger or Christopher Lee just out of shot. Very nice.

  3. These kinds of photos are always great stuff. Richard Guest up top said it well. Well done!

  4. Nice work Conor. The first is my favorite. I live the lighting.

  5. I love b&w. Both viewing as well as shooting. This series reminds me of all that’s fun in being a young woman. And my daughters 😉

  6. Bet your friend was pleased you brought your camera for tea 😉

  7. From the title and first shot, I thought you were photographing Emma Roberts, the actress! Nice photos 🙂

  8. Outstanding photos of the adorable Emma! You sure do know all the good spots to enjoy a nice cup of tea don’t you Conor?! 😀

  9. I agree with your second commenter. very cool, and retro feel to these lovely pictures. Keep up the great work.

  10. great photos 🙂 love your blog…

  11. That first photo of your friend is stunning…really. Keep taking pictures. You’ve found your calling.

  12. Love the pics! A big hello to the lovely people of Erin from Ralphie in Spain.

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