All I want for Christmas…

My beautiful niece Savannah, who can now sing the following song to her heart’s content…


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  1. So sweet! Adorable little one!

  2. A good portrait that she’ll have to remember in years to come.

  3. Children always make good memories. I had so many photo`s of my Grand kids that I had to make DVD`s for their parents to put in the safe until they wanted to see them. Some were from birth to the age of 12. The girls seem to enjoy seeing them more than the boys, but they may change their mind when the have kids. 🙂

  4. Kids always make good photo`s. I have filled a couple of hard drives with my Grand kids.

  5. Wonderful portrait of this lovely young lady Conor! Hope she gets her Christmas wish!

  6. OK I have a story related to this…I too could sing this song and really mean it except I was much older than your niece…many people don’t know because you can’t tell but I got my two front teeth replaced due to getting into a skateboarding accident in high school (I had temps for quite a while and didn’t get them fully replaced until I was in college)…but no I was not a skateboarder…just trying it out…bad idea! lol my parents made me promise to never get on a skateboard again…I guess it wasn’t my thing 😀

  7. What a cute photograph.. I will never forget the fun of fiddling with loose teeth – not nearly so much fun as an adult 🙂

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