Christmas Lights, Camera, Action…

Johnson’s Court

I was on my way to French class last night when the urge to reach for the camera became irresistible.

The combination of a crisp, clear (and very cold!) night, a full moon and the new Christmas lights adorning the city centre proved too much of a temptation for this weak-willed lover of shiny things!

I didn’t have much time to spare due to the aforementioned class, but I managed to take a couple of photos of Henry Street – from the Capel Street and O’Connell Street ends – before I had to make a break for the Alliance Française.

Then, on my walk back after class, I took some photos on Grafton Street and a few more at Johnson’s Court, where the lights covering this narrow lane way proved particularly appealing to me.

I hope to get out for a proper photographic tour of the city centre and its many Christmas lights and decorations soon, but for now here are last night’s three brief stops.

Henry Street

Grafton Street

Johnson’s Court

Henry Street

Grafton Street

Henry Street

Grafton Street

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  1. From one lover of shiny things to another: well done! xoxoM

  2. I love the first shot and you can tell it’s a crisp and cold night!

  3. I love, love, love the Johnson’s Court photography!

  4. Welcome back Conor….I can feel the crisp night air in your photographs. PS: Je connais un peu français parce que je l’ai appris il ya quelques décennies. Peut-être une remise à la ramènera.

  5. Stunning photos! We were in Dublin in May. Such a pretty city. So gorgeous with the lights.

  6. Great shots. I love the muted colours in the first image! 🙂

  7. Very pretty! Looking forward to more christmas light pictures.

  8. Who doesn’t love a christmas light!? Thanks for bring some sparkle into my day. (Reminds me I must go check out what Harrods has got up this year) lovely as always. xx

    • Thanks Harri! I’m honoured that I provided you with some sparkle 🙂 I’m sure Harrods’ display will be pretty impressive, do share it with us! Love your tips to beat the winter blues by the way 🙂

      • Thanks Conor, anything to try and beat the winter blues! I hate winter so much… although I’m such a sucker for christmas. Will share what I find at Harrods when I finally pluck up the courage to face the crowds! x

  9. Your city does a beautiful job of decorating the city streets, so festive! 🙂

  10. Excellent and beautifuly lit night scenes Conor! Well done.

  11. beautiful and festive ~ i love the sign for the leprechaun museum!

  12. Love all of them! So pretty!!

  13. I am NOT a city person, but your photos find me wishing I could be there to see these spectacular lights! We on the Big Island have to settle for stars … 😉

  14. what sort of camera ISO setting etc are you using? I like the one’s in the narrower streets best.

  15. “weak-willed lover of shiny things!” Conor you are in good company on that one! From dew drops in the sun and everything sparkling to the stars….I’m weak about the shine too.

  16. very beautiful pictures! You are a good photographer! You can not only see the beauty but also you can express it!

  17. great pics, very sexy and sublime…

  18. Gorgeous… Love your Dublin shots!!

  19. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Especially like the effect of the blurred humans.

  21. I love your the Christmas theme photos! Johnson’s Court is my winner!

  22. Great photo`s, I have always remembered the atmosphere and cold of Christmas time in Europe.

  23. lovely pics, you inspired me to go out and capture some of the Christmas display on our island! Thanks……….

  24. These are lovely….we just rewatched the film “Once” which was filmed in Dublin on some of these same streets. I was there for Xmas 1985 or so…nice memories!

  25. Love em all – great colours and what I like most are the blurred movements of the people and shadows plus the reflections of the lights and lit buildings in the wet pavements, roads and lane-ways!! Great work mate!

  26. You’re working magic with that camera of yours. I love how crisp the images are, especially since they’re taken at night. Great post!

  27. Ahh we were just there!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  28. bloggedcharityfashionshow

    First one is beautiful! Potential tackiness turned to splendour

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