Getting back in the groove

Liffey view from Grattan Bridge

Liffey view from Grattan Bridge

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I had lost my photo-mojo recently. Well, happily I think I have located it! I brought my camera to work today. I took the first two photos in this post on the short stroll home from work a few hours ago. I took the last two during lunch-time on my way for a bite to eat. Even when you’re not putting any great effort into it, there’s still great joy to be taken out of it. I love photography!

Oh and I am planning some shots tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to!


Four Courts view from Arran Street East

Meanwhile, at lunch-time today:


A bird perches on top of Daniel O’Connell

Swans by the Liffey boardwalk

Swans by the Liffey boardwalk

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  1. Beautiful city light reflections on the water.

  2. I find that November weather has that effect on me too…. Great to get a sunny day or clear evening & be able to take some great photos again πŸ™‚

    • Ya, I hit a real slump there. And was just really busy with work too. Nice to be working my way back into it.. albeit slowly πŸ™‚ Just hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow!

      • These photos are lovely, & it’s nice as an expat to get to see all the Christmas lights in all the different Dublin streets… December tomorrow, slump over till January! πŸ™‚

      • Let’s hope so! I’ll get you more lights soon πŸ™‚

      • Funny how all the streets have chosen white lights… I remember Grafton Street with multicoloured displays. Hardly any other streets used to put up lights… It is a long time ago though!

      • Mostly white lights alright. So many streets have them now. I like it. Even if it is way too early for all this sort of thing. There was a Santa ringing a bell outside a business today to try entice people in, November 30!

      • The worst is when they start before Halloween. Shouldn’t be allowed, like ‘back to school stuff before the kids have broken up, it’s wrong!

  3. It can happen, especially at this time of the year! The photos are great, I love the swans!
    I really like your photography. I also follow you on Flickr. Keep working on it!

    • Thanks so much Mila! Really appreciate that. I have abandoned Flickr I’m afraid, just a time thing really – there’s not enough! Must get back on there, love your portrait work.

  4. So lucky to be able to have places like that to take photos in your dinner time and walk home. Loved Dublin when i visited it many years ago, fond memories of it.

  5. You are lucky enough to have many beautiful photo objects around you, and you executed them very well. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Yup! Mojo is back – good find.

  7. can help but notice the Beautiful city, Nice photos

  8. Love the colors in the Liffey view and four courts. Looks like something you would see in Games of Throne

  9. I had to chuckle.. I have been taking Mr Canon to work recently: really cool to pop out at lunch and snap a few shots! I drive home on a highway so no chance then

  10. Looks like you’ve definitely found your mojo. Great photographs.

  11. Wonderful views. I guess my next stop should be Dublin, hmm.

  12. Clearly your photo mojo is back – great photos Conor – when I see these photos I realise how much I miss Dublin – tho’ Tipperary is beautiful too

  13. I love photography as it keeps me active and has no bounds. Sometimes I take twenty photo`s of something and just choose the best one and delete the rest. Digital is so quick and easy.

  14. I love these latest shots! They make me “home away from home sick” – if that’s a thing.

  15. You definitely got it back Conor, those are outstanding!

  16. I find your blog very interesting and I thought you deserve a one lovely blog award!

  17. This is my first time to visit your blogg. Wow I love it xD

  18. Such a different sort of light in the past month but you have done something very special with these. Often the best work is done under the most difficult circumstances.

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