“Better” by Janet Williams


I had the pleasure of taking some photos at the opening of the latest exhibition at the Avenue Road Gallery in Portobello last night.

“Better” is an exhibition by the very talented and very lovely Janet Williams, who is at work during the participatory element of her opening in the photo above.

The exhibition contains two key pieces of work, “Better Faces” and “Better City”.

“Better City” are Dublin cityscapes bursting with colour. “The thought process being, this city can get pretty glum with those grey skies looming over us all, depleting all our energy. Instead I wanted the sky to reflect the creativity, colour and energy people put into this city,” said Janet.

“Better Faces” is a series of 50 portraits of people from her generation whom she feels are making things better for themselves and better for the society in which they live.

“They are all a little disappointed and dealing with the recession in their own way. Everyone I know has made compromises in their life, but they are doing it with their chins up, full of ambition and energy. They don’t need their grey skies replaced with colour, they just need the chance to burst open with the colour that’s inside,” said Janet.

For the participatory piece last night, all visitors to the Avenue Road Gallery were invited to have their portraits taken in the same manner as the 50 “Better Faces”.

“Better” is open until December 12 and if you’re in Dublin you should really drop in. Particularly as the following photos in no way do it justice!

I really enjoyed this exhibition, from the motivation behind it to the finished work. It’s a timely reminder in a post-Budget week of all that’s good about Dublin.

As always at Avenue Road Gallery – the beautiful space run by Jennette Donnelly and Billy Kinsella – I  also enjoyed not just photographing, but meeting and talking to a variety of very talented and interesting people.

You can read all about “Better” here,

To see more of Janet’s photography, follow this link.



Janet Williams with her piece "Better Faces"

Janet Williams with her piece “Better Faces”















































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  1. quite interesting! Best of luck

  2. Nice! …I especially like your b/w photographs.

  3. Wonderful photography by all! I know all about those grey skies, the normal look in Michigan.

  4. jennette Donnelly

    Wonderful work as always Conor! I particularly like the feet shots! Thanks again 🙂 Jennette and Billy

  5. Looks like an amazing exhibit, thanks for showcasing this.
    And I see that once again Conor you have an eye for the ladies. 😀

  6. Wonderful shots Conor well done. T’was lovely to meet you, I’m sure I’ll see you again knocking round Dubllin!

  7. How fantastic – I smiled through that entire series. Great idea and captured beautifully, thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful show beautifully shot! x

  9. Nice captures, Conor. Particularly like your B&W shots.

  10. Conor – This looks like a fantastic exhibit and I love the subject – portraits are one of my favorite subject to take pictures of myself or to draw. I’ve noticed you surround yourself and capture photos of such beautiful people! Great portrait work on your part! Congratulations to Janet on her exhibit and thanks to you for sharing it.

  11. Great photos! I can “hear” people talk, laugh 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  12. Conor!!!! this is amazing! thank you so much for shooting the exhibition opening and putting this together. You really made it all look so great. Definitely owe ye a drink to say thanks 🙂

    And thank you everyone for all your comments. You’ve all made my day!

  13. I’m not so sure about the fairy dust faces, but love the shot of three ladies looking up at the images. Splendid.

  14. Really good shots Connor of Jan`s Exhibition, really sharp observations and clean records of her work without over doing your own, (which are excellent). I love the casual fun shots too. Jans dad has bought that opening shot so that and the grafitti buildings which I got, will grace our walls amongst all the other “jan work” all over the house!!

    • Hi HIlary. Thanks so much for your comment. It was nice to meet you on Friday. Sounds like your house is a colourful space 🙂

      • Hi Conor,
        not sure if one should put “cluttered” and “colourful” into description of our gaff, all kids left now so rooms become over used by “emerging” Art mother here…
        I am sneak reading a book “Sketching light” by Joe mc Nally, (for Mark“s Birthday, Jans Bro.) would you be interested in doing a photo shoot of a Performance to camera only that I have in mind? check out my other facebook page Hilary Williams (livelife)Performance artist. Hilary.

      • I’ll have a look, thanks Hilary.

  15. Wonderful concept for the exhibition and superbly presented, Conor. More collaboration ahead maybe?

  16. What fun! I wonder what I would have looked like & what color she had chosen for me. Your pictures of the event are wonderful. Do you have a thing for women’s shoes? -amy

    • Ha! Thanks very much. To be fair, there are just two shoe pics, one with a guy and one with women. I liked the obvious contrast in the pic with the women, while I like the guy’s style!

  17. Great work Conor. Good meeting you at Janets Avenue Road opening.

  18. What a cool exhibit and experience. I wish the artist well!

  19. Hey Conor – enjoyed your photos too – some great ones among them!!

  20. Excellent images. Glad I got the chance to see them.

  21. Thank you for checking out my Blog

  22. She apparently had a fantastic exhibit in San Francisco:

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