Merchant’s Arch and Temple Bar



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  1. I love the photography of your city. So rich in history, and the architecture is wonderful. One building appears to be smothered in Christmas lights, looks nice.

  2. Once again stunning Conor! Many times I’ve been trying to take pictures of Merchant’s Arch with my iPhone but this picture tells me to ditch it and buy a decent camera to take pics 🙂 Your photo is just absolutely brilliant!

    Would you please be able to suggest me brands of cameras and what to look out for?

    Keep taking pics like you do and a happy Christmas to you and yours in advance!

    • Thanks Billie! I really don’t feel qualified enough at all to give advice on cameras, but I know plenty who are so if you want to give me a price range and what you’re after in general just email me (conorcullen1 at and I will ask for you. A very Happy Christmas to you too 🙂

  3. Oh, you make me want to be there! Merry Christmas, Conor!

  4. Conor that first picture really struck me – it immediately made me think of this scene from one of my favorite films, Queen of the Damned. It’s when Jessie visits the vampire pub called The Admirals Arms: – isn’t it wierd how a picture will make you think of something else?

  5. Two very cool effects there and love the sparkling lights in the 2nd image : ) Also very clear contrasts.

  6. lovely photos, not easy taking shots at night as I found out this week. Have a lovely Christmas Connor and have a guiness for me too xx

  7. Very cool Conor! I could go for a Guiness right now.

  8. Great as always!

  9. I love this first photo – reminds me of my last trip to the British Isles over thirty years ago – what I remember with fondness 😉

  10. Really beautiful! As always!

  11. Can hardly wait!!! 🙂

  12. Great shots, love the vibe in the first one – very noir.

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