Christmas Day in Cullenstown


So we decided to ward off Christmas cabin fever by getting out for a couple of hours earlier.

My brothers Declan and Pádaí, our friend Anthony and I headed for the nearby Cullenstown Strand.

It was a beautiful, clear day, with the clouds and inevitable rain only closing in just as we left.

The lads mostly played hurling and I mostly took photographs during the preceding two hours or so.

Anthony, for an Aussie who has never played hurling before, proved a natural.

The exercise and sea air primed use well for a delicious Christmas dinner back in the Cullen household.

Anthony, Declan and Pádaí

Anthony, Declan and Pádaí















I'm not the only one who takes photos around here - Anthony in action!

I’m not the only one who takes photos around here – Anthony in action!







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  1. Beautiful ocean photos, majestic. You are blessed, living so near the ocean. God bless!

  2. grishmanphotography

    Amazing set, big like 🙂

  3. wow !! really beautiful and interesting !

  4. Well done. I enjoyed the photos

  5. dig these mate – you captured much more than an image – wonderful photos every one!! You have to be mad to play that hurling I reckon – great game to watch – emphasis on watch! The court looks like our handball courts – I guess thats where they practice their skills. you have an eye for such photos!

    • Thanks Keith, really appreciate that, coming from such a talented photographer. It is a ball alley alright, Pádaí uses it to practice, which would be common enough among hurlers here. Great game to play and watch!

  6. Merry Christmas!
    Thank you for sending a Like my way on my first post. Your photos are very interesting, I love the action that you’ve captured and the vivid contrast from brilliant blue sky to the dull grey concrete in the photo at the very top of this page. Very nice!

  7. John P. Gavin - Author

    Great shots – and it looks like great fun. I used to have a hurling bat myself – but didn’t get the opportunity to use it much in California…

    Nice work Conor.


  8. Your photographs are great!

  9. I love these shots. Great serie, Conor!

  10. Really great shots Conor! Merry Christmas and happy new year! Robyn

  11. Thanks Conor for the like on our blog. Great shots of the hurling players, a game we’ve never heard of before. According to the sticks it looks similar to bandy (on ice though) or indoor bandy…. or maybe not?! Anyway, bare legs and warm, knitted hats on top. Nice, just love it! -:)

    All the best
    Meggie & Roffe

    • Thanks guys for checking out the photos and the feedback! Much appreciated. It’s a great game, I think it definitely merits a YouTube search on your part. But really you’ll have to just have to go to a game some day 🙂

  12. Great combination of action shots and scenic views. You have that rare gift of capturing images that are awe-inspiring and yet relateable.

  13. lovely place to take photos. good shots too.. 🙂

  14. Now that looks far more interesting than football.

  15. Love the shots Conor. The location of the alley beside the sea just adds to the vitality of the pics.

  16. Outstanding. every-single-damn-one. You are to be envied. Do you sell to other bloggers? How much? What size. I’m going to start Chanukah/Christmas shopping for next year. I’m going to give signed photos. interested? -amysaab

    • Hi Amy, that’s very kind of you, thanks. I do it for fun, not profit. So if you’d like one, just download it with my blessing. If you’d like me to print a higher res then I’ll just ask for the cost of printing/posting it to you. I’m hoping to set up a site with a few for sale soon. In the meantime I’m at conorcullen1 at

  17. Well, this year really.

  18. Now this was a surprise. I remember wondering what those strange little handball courts were for when I was over that way in ’07. Now I know! Thanks!

  19. Wow–loved the series of photos

  20. Lovely pics, especially the rising moon photo – and I love the seascapes (I’ve a weakness for seascapes).

  21. Love the “About Me” section – you are quite the character! And I adore your post! The pics are wonderful! What a unique area to play ball….with the sea just on the other side! Very cool. Can’t wait to read more! xoJulia

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