Aviva Stadium

I was driving home on Christmas Eve and I was tempted to stop loads of times in Dublin city by the sky, before I finally succumbed in Ringsend. where I took a photo from the bridge, down towards Lansdowne Road stadium, now known as the Aviva Stadium.

I like the stadium. It’s on my to-do list to photograph at night time, probably from the same spot.

After getting my photo fix I continued happily to Wexford.


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  1. Magnificent photograph, Conor. hopefully some day I can see your shoot at nite time during blue hours will be most incredibly good. Thank you for sharing with me. πŸ™‚

  2. Great photograph and angle of the stadium, Conor. I like the sky and reflections.

  3. Great colors! There is a county here in Michigan called Wexford. Hope your holiday was good.

  4. That is excellent Conor!

  5. Excellent shot..:-)

  6. This is one of those love/hate things, for me – if the light had been just a bit more gray, the image would seem depressing. As it was, the light made it magical! Lovely, lovely.

  7. I like the photo fix concept – recognise the feeling! The skies continue to be remarkable.

  8. Great shot, love it! That sky is full of drama!

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