Kilmainham Gaol






























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  1. Photo 3 reveals it all to me

    • This relatively small prison held 9,000 people at one point. Incredible. During the famine people were deliberately committing crimes so they would get put in there, for the very small rations of food and a roof over their heads. It must have been horrific though.

  2. grim place….

  3. Well aren’t these just stunning!!!!
    Also very smart to go on a day there wasnt loads of people!

    • Thanks Janet!

      There were loads of people, I just dropped back on the tour and may have also gone off for a few wanders on my own, though I don’t think that’s strictly condoned 🙂

  4. Great set of images Conor. Very inventive and great angles. The us of b&w really suits. Well done.

  5. Beautiful work Conor. This place is scary, such history.

  6. Utterly haunting…thanks for this moving post.

  7. Love the choice of the black & white theme, just makes it that much more eerie!

  8. Wow, really looks foreboding. Excellent in B&W!

  9. Very very impressive series!!!

  10. Great images – very atmospheric! 😀

  11. Kilmainham Gaol is one of my absolute favorite tours – the history is bone chillingly sad… Your photos do justice!

  12. Great B&W images – I especially like the od door with the gleaming new padlock 🙂

  13. Fantastic sequence, Conor. You can kind of see why gaol gets called chokey.

  14. I don’t know if you watch American Horror Story Asylum but this place reminds me of Briarcliff. Great shots.

  15. How completely interesting! Great images!

  16. A great blog and very educational. It looks a forbidding place to be sent to. We still have some like that still in commission.

  17. Haha. I did Kilmainham just a few weeks ago myself (haven’t published the photos yet) Fun to see the similar ideas (and where you had better ones too) I’ll let you know when I publish the pics so you can counter-judge me (yours are better, though)

  18. Whoa, very powerful mood evoked.

  19. I have never actually been to Kilmainham, it is top of my list of things I really have to do when I live in Dublin again

  20. Nice B&W photos. Best,

  21. Fantastic photos, such a prolific use of black and white. Great work!

  22. It’s great to see such fine straight-up, black-and-white photography. 🙂

  23. Conor,
    Amazing photos…the black and white goes with the subject and shows off the peeling paint and textures quite well. Nice job…

  24. Great photographs – haunting shots of what is a haunting place

  25. I remember visiting there as a child and being overwhelmed, your photographs have captured that feeling once again, well done.

  26. Some really great pictures.

  27. Nice series of photographs in B&W. The first one captured my attention, perhaps because it’s pitch black except for the glow of light on the right wall. I see a mystery unfolding…

  28. Reblogged this on emmastafford1 and commented:
    For a guy that bought his first camera less than a year ago, my friend Conor sure knows how to use it! Here’s he’s captured Ireland’s historic Kilmainham Gaol in all it’s bleak and imposing glory. I’ve never visited it but now I want to more than ever.

  29. You did justice to the amazing artwork and architectural details but it can’t be an easy place to visit.

  30. Amazing photos. I love the spiral staircases.

  31. I saw this place in the movie ”In the name of the father” but, unofrtunately, not when I was in Dublin.
    Great photos, remarkable place…

  32. I am loving these. Particularly the one with SIN. It describes us so well, unfortunately. Keep it up. You’re very good at capturing moments and places. x

  33. Fantastic pics Conor! You definitely captured the creepy sense of foreboding, what a history that pace has!

    By the way I got a camera and started taking photos in May 2012 as well, that’s interesting 🙂

    Take care, keep snapping!


    • Thanks Rohan!
      Your blog is great, I really enjoy my (peaceful!) visits there 🙂 Hope you are having as much fun taking photos as I am. I think once we hit May 2013 we are oficially no longer beginners!

  34. Distance Landaverde

    I think these photos are just simply smashing. The sense of place and the mood captured wonderfully.

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