An evening walk in Duncannon

I spent the weekend at home in Wexford.

Before leaving yesterday (Sunday) evening, my mother (Phyl); her three eldest grandchildren, Shauna, Atlanta and Savannah; Rusty (the most blogged about dog in Wexford) and I all set off for a walk on nearby Duncannon Beach.

The wind was really strong, the tide was right in, it was freezing cold… and a lot of fun!

The sun was setting as we came back up the beach too, which made for a pretty picture – one I don’t do justice to with these photos.

Thanks as ever to my willing young models and apologies to their mother (Amy) for sending them home slightly wet and mostly covered in sand!

Footsteps in the sand (Atlanta)

Footsteps in the sand (Atlanta)

Rusty and Shauna

Rusty and Shauna

Phyl and Savannah

Phyl and Savannah




Koala in the long grass

Koala in the long grass



The result of said messing

The result of the messing – Savannah came off worse!

More messing!

More messing

One of the two poor dead seals we came across

One of the two poor, dead seals we came across…

And the other one

And the other one



Shauna on the first of the two crucial rocks for the stream crossing

Shauna on the first of the two crucial rocks for the stream crossing

Atlanta and Phyl

Atlanta and Phyl


Sisters jumping!

Sisters jumping!

Looking towards the South Beach housing estate

Looking towards the South Beach housing estate


Atlanta and her cold face!


Running down

Savannah preparing for take off

Taking flight

Atlanta taking off


Granddaughter and grandmother fleeing the waves

Granddaughter and grandmother fleeing the waves as the sun disappears

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  1. Wow, dead seals. Are those common at your beach?

    • No, not really. Especially not fully grown ones like those two. The really rough sea in Ireland (biggest waves in the world right now off our west coast) may have played a part, but that’s just speculation.

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  3. Great photos Conor, especially the young ladies jumping for joy! Nice colors in the sky too. Too bad the seals wash up the beach. A stinky mess I suppose.

  4. A wonderful thing about blogs is that they enhance our ability to enjoy the sights and experiences of friends far away. Thank you as always.

  5. How lovely and beautiful. Great shots and moments!

  6. Great shots Conor, the photos of the little ladies are precious, They are cuties.
    It’s a shame about the seals. Keep up the good work


  7. Nice Day, Connor Cullen! those are some cute kids! I still have the bones I collected from a really stinky dead seal on a beach… even the dog was barking at me to get away from it. And why are those rocks placed that way? Do people even know? When we find odd rock groupings or cleared spaces on the beach, it is from Native Canadian people’s fish wiers or canoe runs… very cool.

  8. Really great photos – will be back for a longer look and a read of your blog!!

  9. Such a beautiful place, captured in a lovely way!

  10. Loved the photos! And you bring back memories to me. I have two younger sisters and we also wore matching outfits!

  11. That looks idyllic. I’ve never been to Ireland but I’d love to visit. Hopefully soon! 2013 is the year I am making my travel dreams happen. 🙂

  12. Beautiful pics!! So MANY great ones!

  13. Wow , what lovely images…………. these are very special!

  14. That is really sad about the poor seals. I think they are prone to illness and disease just like humans., so who knows. As an occasional but year-round sea-swimmer, I’d be more alarmed if they had large, shark-sized bites taken out of them. Lovely pictures. Are those goal posts on the beach!? Just, they seem to be facing the sea… Either the tide goes a very long way out… or Duncannon FC are expecting to take on a team of dolphins.

    • Ha! The tide goes out a very long way and it’s a great beach for all sports, flat and good, solid sand. Which is why it gets lots of cars too. No-one really uses those posts though.

      No shark bites, thankfully.

  15. Hi Conor,
    Thanks so much for sharing beautiful moments in a beautiful place. Sorry about the seals though a shame. Here in Florida I come across unfortunate wildlife to and it breaks my heart. -Steve

  16. Conor, your photographs are wonderful. I love the jumping sisters picture. What great fun walking on the beach it must have been and the children are perfect subjects for a photo shot. And, I see it all ended with a lovely sunset. Nice!

  17. Fabulous captures Conor! Enjoyed each image. Blessings, Robyn

  18. Phenomenal, particularly the last one and all of the images showcasing that seagrass lit up by the sun and blown madly by the wind. Great post!

  19. Love Atlanta taking off. You really captured a moment there.

  20. Oh Conor, I love this post of yours! Your photographs are stunning! Everytime I came upon a new one, I thought, “Oh, this one is my favorite!”….and then I would look and see another and say the same thing again. I smiled through your entire posting. What a gift you bring. Thank you, my friend. xoJulia

  21. Happy, happy, happy, (dead seal, dead seal), happy, happy, happy…
    Great shots, Conor! 😀

  22. Yes, good enough photos for me to wish I were there….

  23. Beautiful! 🙂

  24. Wonderful pictures and lovely sisters. My favourite is the jumping sisters 🙂

  25. I don’t know what it is Conor about your pictures but they just get me smiling and teary at the same time. The picture of Savannah embracing the water and horizon with her arms outstretched was the one that really got me! You really have a gift for not only capturing landscapes but the essence of your subjects. Thank you for this beautiful post!

  26. Reblogged this on saymberblondi and commented:
    Conors pictures never fail to make me smile and often get me teary like this post. The picture of Savannah embracing the elements is just so touching. Enjoy! Conors blog is definitely one to follow!

  27. Just to clear up the mystery of the dead seals. The two this week can be added to the six last week. They are being accidentally killed by the intensive sprat fishing being carried out in the estuary. They are getting drowned in the nets and getting hit by the propellers of the fishing boats. As they say you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

    • Cheers for clearing that up, John. I knew it was odd. All these years I’ve been walking beaches I’d never seen two fully grown seals washed up on the beach so close to each other.

  28. These put a smile on my face. Oh, kids…they make the greatest photo subjects. And the beautiful land and sea certainly help.

  29. Just to say that I am nominating you for the very inspiring blogger award. You are. Look at all the comments!

    • Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you! 🙂

      • It is my pleasure – look at all those people who love your photos, as I do. You not only capture the light in people’s eyes, especially of your family, but you also capture that wild and lovely beauty of nature, and indeed of Ireland itself. Inspiration indeed!

  30. Stunning images! I really enjoyed looking through them : )

  31. How wonderful! As always, there are several that go beyond just a “picture” or a “portrait”- they grasp at a narrative.

  32. Great walk, except for the seals. Poor little souls. Nature can be rough.

  33. Great photography, very inspiring. And the lovliest 2 girls I have seen in a long time, just wonderful. Stay happy! 🙂

  34. Your mother lives within walking distance of that water?! I can feel the joy everyone was having. Are the girls sick now? You’d be their Uncle? I would say you did a proper job of it. Uncles are the worst for the parents, & the best for nieces & nephews…Beautiful, joy filled photos. Thanks for taking me along & your 7 billion fans!-amy

    • Not walking distance, but a short drive. It’s a short drive to a lot of beaches from my home place. Sick? They’re young and hardy and were well wrapped up – they were doing what kids should do! And yes, I may be guilty of some uncle sins, but my sister doesn’t mind too much! Glad you enjoyed the photos, Amy!

  35. Connor, I cant wait to see your snowy pictures! my Jaw will hit the floor again, I’m sure.-amy

  36. Oops, I gave you an american spelling. Sorry Conor

  37. Wonderful photographs….

  38. This are some great pictures. Make me want to take a vacation. Thanks for sharing them.

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