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So I haven’t been getting out much with the camera lately unless I manage to clear out of Dodge completely for a few days, as I have been very busy, especially in work.

One of the main reasons for this has been due to managing a project to redevelop Alcohol Action Ireland’s website and to develop a new website,, as well as establishing a social media presence for both sites.

It’s been a very interesting project and it it at all went “live” earlier today, which is great! The usual teething problems need to be sorted, but they will be. I hope people find the new sites useful and engaging.

As many of you kindly helped me out back at the planning stages by filling in a survey I put up here, I said I would let you see how it all turned out, but I am keeping this post brief as the sites should speak for themselves – if they don’t I’m in trouble!

Feedback, as ever, is welcome! ย Oh and normal photographic programming will resume shortly!

Alcohol Action Ireland and its Facebook page

DrinkHelp and its Facebook page

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  1. Those sites came up 404 but the FB sites did.

  2. Same here, they are redirecting to a 404 page on your blog rather tan to the pages you have listed. Delete the links and submit them again

  3. PS why are tree no references to Alcoholics Anonymous? It’s not for everyone, but millions have recovered using AA, and it’s free

    • No references where? They are one of the many organisations/services we link to on They haven’t been overlooked.

      • Sorry, I did find them, but initially when I did a ‘location’ based search they didn’t feature which is a pity, but understandably hard to map.

        Because there is an AA meeting almost everywhere, maybe this could be mentioned on the results page when people are looking for local services?

      • Ah, I see. Yes, the national services we have to map too. I was just confused as I thought you couldn’t access the sites. Glad you can and thanks very much for the helpful feedback.

  4. I can see the site. What a great resource! Very nicely formatted too. Congrats and much success to the project.

  5. Great site! It’s formatted nicely. Congrats and much success to this new project!

  6. Congratulations, Conor. Well done! xoM

  7. Great blogs! I am new to blogging but have a background in design and love the look. They look very professional. The ONLY things I would change on the first one if anything is slow down the slides. I was reading and trying to digest the info and they went a bit fast.

    Also on the second one, under the children’s section and at the bottom “taking on parental responsibilities” it says Mam and Dad. Thinking it should be Mom. But I could be wrong, maybe you guys say Mam over there?

    The blur also hurts my eyes a bit on the home page center photo (someone else’s drinking). I would maybe darken it a bit and see if that helps.

    Great info that touched close to home for me as I grew up with an alcoholic father.

    Also please know I think your sites are amazing and I hope I in no way offended you. I always LOVE getting feedback so feel free to shred my site. ha ha!

    Found your page from your like on mine today. Thanks for the “like” and excited to have found a new site with great content. Also find it hard to believe that you got your first camera at 30. Great photos! : )

    -Kim, the expat living in Costa Rica

    • Kim,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to give me such great feedback. I really appreciate it, particulalry as it hit so close to home for you.

      – Good point. I’ll have a look at the slide timing.

      – It’s always “Mam” in Ireland really ๐Ÿ™‚ The Irish Mammy!

      – I’ll have a look at that graphic. Don’t want it hurting iinnocent eyes!

      Thanks very much and keep in touch!


  8. This is an amazing cause. People take alcohol abuse so lightly. They don’t understand how that deeply hurts their families and children. I applaud you for taking on that project. It is a great thing to be part of. To people like you who are doing something to make a change, thank you!

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