Prague Photo

Oops, I only went and left probably my favourite Prague photo out of my post of photos from our visit there last weekend.

This narrow and short street was tucked in behind our apartment and, apart from a lot of graffiti, it contained a photo gallery. Above the gallery door sat a lady, with a bright red heart shining out from beneath her white breast.

It’s visible in the photo, if you click through to the big version and have a closer look.


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  1. My goodness, it looks ravaged and beautiful….I have never been to Prague…would love to go.

  2. This is such a beautiful composition.. And I did spot the lady too 🙂

  3. Yes, I see her, Conor. She is so beautiful. Thank you. Love and blessings. Andrew.

  4. I’ve always wanted to go to Prague. I hear it’s better than Paris. Regardless, it’s on my list!
    Thanks for reminding me why. Cool corner.

  5. AWESOME photos!! I must get to Prague one day as well!

  6. what a beautiful street, prage sure is on my future travel list.

  7. This picture is in stark contrast to the unblemished beauty you captured in other photos!

  8. Yeah this is cool mate – equally brilliant as others I saw of yours – love the colour in this one and the lines are beautiful – did you use a wide angle lens on this – maybe you didn’t looking again at it – whatever – great photo!

  9. I still regret not hopping on a bus when I had a few hours spare for a connecting flight in Prague. Hopefully there’s more to the place than drunk Englishmen on Stag parties?

  10. What a damn excellent shot you did there!

  11. Hey man. Haven’t seen your work Ina while. Missit.

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