Dublin Street Art

These two pieces of street art are located less than 100 yards from each other on North Anne Street in Dublin.

The first is really striking and, in my opinion, a really impressive and effective piece.

The second is, well, pure Dublin in many ways. The plaster fell off the brick wall in a particular way and someone saw an opportunity to bring a bit of character to it.

It makes me smile.


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  1. Welcome back. I’ve missed your posts. Hope all is well. Carol

  2. Street art with its canvas as a wall is always interesting to look at. PS; Comment est votre classe de français?

  3. I like the first art better, the second made me smile. Which is better? -amy

    • Same here. I suppose we can all make our own call on which we prefer, but the subjective nature of art is a black hole of debate I try walk around most of the time 🙂

      • fancy talk. I think anything that makes my heart squeeze & my eyes dilate is art. So, by my fancy standards the first one was art, the second was humor. 🙂 amy

      • There are many comments I could make about your definition of art, but thankfully for all concerned my mother raised me right – or did her best in trying circumstances, at least!

      • Wow. You are restraining yourself from flinging insults for my personal definition of what I call art? I guess I should thank your mother for teaching you to keep your sharp tongue behind your teeth. Good day, Conor Cullen.

      • No, no, not insults, just childish innuendo! I liked your definition a lot actually, I just felt it was open to, erm, “interpretation”! See, I told you definitions of art were to be avoided 🙂 Apologies for the misunderstanding my friend!

      • Ok. Man, I would never have dreamt I could get into an…fight, I guess. Just like a woman, I slammed the door in your face & unfollowed you. The photographer that I would love to follow around town. Strange world this has become.
        I shall follow you again, but you really need to get out & shoot something, its been a while. -amy

  4. I do like both.Cities need space for budding street artists.Tallent shouldn’t be wasted, more directed. The second shows wit is not lost!

  5. my last sentence could be open to misinterpretation too. Just go take some pretty pictures.

  6. There is art is even in decay isn’t there? In plaster falling off a wall. In barbed wire rusting on a sandy beach. In the lines on an old face. A friend sent me to your site. I’m glad she did. I’m a poet and your photos are visual poetry.

    • Hi John, thanks for visiting and for your kind words. I agree fully with what you said. My favourite shots are often the ones I find in the most unusual or unexpected settings.

  7. Your images are great Conor!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated!

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