Red & Blue

Laura well wrapped up before our Sahara trek. More Morocco photos to follow.

Laura well wrapped up before our Sahara camel trek. More Morocco photos to follow.

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  1. So vibrant and love the contrast.

  2. Beautiful contrast. Great weather you’re having in Dublin. My husband and I are in your wonderful city for 2 weeks. Can you recommend any galleries we should check out?

    • Thanks so much! You have arrived in Dublin during our hottest summer for 18 years – lucky you! I think the National Library and Gallery of Phoiography (both on Metting HOuse Square in Temple Bar) usually have some really great images.Hope you’re enjoying your time here, if you have any other questions feel free to send me an email at conorcullen1 at

  3. Superb composition. Congratulations.

  4. 2812 photography

    Diamonds wrapped in red. Nice.

  5. Beautiful contrast between those blue eyes and red scarf!

  6. Wonderful photograph of such beautiful blue eyes complimented by the red.

  7. Terrific portrait with the colors presented beautifully!

  8. Steve McCurry. Eat your heart out.

  9. Nice, real nice. Beautiful eyes and good composition will do it everytime!

  10. love those blue eyes.. nice capture Conor.

  11. I’m not sure I can say anything different than all of the previous commenters – love this!

  12. Oh… my… goodness! How captivating! It’s hypnotic! Oh, Conor! It absolutely takes my breath away!

  13. This is a stunning photo, such beautiful eyes and definitely complimented by the red!

  14. Eyes that burn bright blue like the Fremen of Dune.

  15. Are Laura’s eyes really that blue?

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