Barrystown sunset





Almost gone...

Almost gone…

Just gone...

Just gone…




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  1. These photographs are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice. I love taking photos of sunsets but I didn’t have many opportunities this summer to get out capture a really good sunset.

  3. Welcome back! Lovely images.

  4. Wonderful shots, Conor – nice to see you back.

  5. Welcome Back ??! I live in NY and was home sick and i found your dun-laoghaire blog. Great pics were is this??

  6. Same as mama Cormier, not been out and about a lot and miss my sunsets, so thank you for sharing these wonderfull ones

  7. It is wonderful to see you back, Conor – especially with these absolutely fascinating photos 🙂

  8. its a priveledge to see your work, I have a previous one on my sitting room wall. These last ones gave me goosepimples: beautiful, serene and timeless. thankyou x

  9. Copper coloured shot is is splendid. Oh, and I get to cover Ireland with my work next year, so maybe I can get some super shots too.

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