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Howth Head in detail



Barrystown sunset





Almost gone...

Almost gone…

Just gone...

Just gone…




Dun Laoghaire Baths

A short history of Dun Laoghaire Baths

Plans for redevelopment? 

















Rogue Wave!

This image was captured the split second before I got an unexpected (and very cold!) shower while taking some photos in Dun Laoghaire today.


A Bird’s Eye View of Dublin

A Bird's Eye View of Dublin

A Bird’s Eye View of Dublin


So last night I put one of my Christmas presents up on the wall. It is a copy of an amazingly detailed drawing of Victorian Dublin, dating from 1890.

“A Bird’s Eye View of Dublin” was a present from my “Secret Santa” (as is now the tradition among the six Cullen siblings) and the Geographer in our family, Declan.

Amazingly, this panoramic of Dublin was issued as a supplement to “The Graphic” newspaper 123 years ago. Kind of puts the countless churned-out supplements you’ll get in the Sunday newspaper today into perspective, eh?

This drawing is by H.W. Brewer, who (according to the information I have found on Old Irish Maps, where they are selling an original copy of this map) was named by RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) as the finest of all Victorian architectural draughtsmen.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Brewer was also a perfectionist. There is incredible clarity and detail in “A Bird’s Eye View of Dublin”, which the image above does not do justice to. Especially as it was taken late last night under artificial light  – Mr Brewer would not have approved!

As pointed out on Old Irish Maps, this is “an incredibly detailed original topographic panorama, church spires and street-scapes are shown with exacting precision. To look at the scene in High Street, as the eye is drawn from St. Audoen’s to Christchurch is akin to stepping back in time, with the minute detail of each house, window, door etc. delicately rendered”.

I’m writing this post from just in behind the Four Courts, the impressive building dominating this small section of the overall map, which, as well as the Four Courts, shows The Liberties, High Street and Christchurch in the foreground, and stretches out to include the Liffey as it flows into Dublin Bay, with Howth and Killiney also clearly visible in the background.


How Mr Brewer achieved this fantastical view of Dublin before the age of helicopters and aerial photography has apparently been a matter of some conjecture since it was first produced.

According to Old Irish Maps, “that he invented it all using ground-level sketches and a bit of imagination is highly probable. And indeed would be a correct assumption, except for the fact that five years before this Dublin panorama was completed he produced a “Bird’s Eye View of Liverpool – As seen from a Balloon“, (1885). We guess it will remain a mystery!”

Oh and, on a final note, I have to say, Declan set the bar pretty high this year, as I also got this amazing book!

Happy Rusty!

My dog Rusty having a ball at Curracloe yesterday. I got lots of photos of him having fun, but this is my favourite.

Happy Rusty

Birds at Raven Point, Curracloe


Dominick Street “Regeneration”

I was walking through the city centre recently when I came across some work on Dominick Street, which is just off Parnell Street.

Some of the flats there were being demolished as part of a long-overdue “regeneration” plan for the area so I stopped briefly and took a couple of snaps.

You can read Dublin City Council’s Executive Summary of its plan for the area here.

This overview of the plan is from the Dublin City Architects Blog

The matter was last raised in the Dail in June

Lonely Tree

Spotted during a stroll in the Phoneix Park on Wednesday evening. Click on these images for the full size versions (if you so wish) as they are pretty big files. Plus it will do the sky justice!

Lonely Tree

Lonely goalposts

Observing the tower

I was hobbling to the shop yesterday evening when I came across this nice reflection of the imposing observation tower in Smithfield captured in a window above the Cobblestone pub at the top of Smithfield Square on North King Street.

The observation tower reflected in a window above the Cobblestone pub

This is the full view of the Cobblestone pub, which is legendary for its traditional music sessions and just a great pub in general.

The Cobblestone pub

Now, turning directly around from where I spotted the reflection of the tower, this is the view in the opposite direction:

View from the top of Smithfield Square

The observation tower, which was converted into a tourist attraction, is closed now – and has been for some time – but it is one of the main landmarks around where I live, so I decided to take a few different shots of it on the very short walk back home to Cuckoo Lane.

Now, there’s many more ways you could take this tower and from many more places, but I have a nasty foot infection and so was not up for deviating from the path I was hobbling home on! It would be nice to get a chance to go up into the tower and get a view from up there some day.

View from mid-way down Smithfield Square

View from Duck Lane

View from outside the Jameson Distillery

View from the entrance to the Jameson Distillery

And finally… the view from my balcony!