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Chancery Park Fountain

I have been walking past Chancery Park at night for some time now, always looking longingly over the spiky railings as I stroll by.

Chancery Park is a grand title for what is essentially a small garden attached to a building comprising 27 flats (Chancery House), which you can read all about here, in Dublin’s north inner city. It is located just beside the Four Courts between the Luas (tram) tracks and the Quay.

The reason for the longing looks is that I have been particularly taken with the fountain there, which is lit up at night, with The Spire on O’Connell Street in the skyline behind it as you look at it from the Four Courts side (the second photo below).

However, you can never get in there at night as the park is only open a few hours a day and closes very early in the afternoon. This is apparently to do with anti-social behaviour and is mentioned in the piece I linked to above.

The fountain is the park’s centre piece and is surrounded by a few small benches. Several trees are placed closer to the nearby perimeter and that’s it. However, it’s still a very charming park. Albeit, one that I never see anyone in, though again this is probably due to the limited opening hours.

Anyway, last night I stopped looking longingly at the fountain and hopped the spiky railings to get my photo.

Apologies to Dublin City Council.

Earlier yesterday I had bought a tripod to replace the one I left behind at the beach on Christmas Day. It was fun to practice long exposures again.








Fountain Fly-By

I was already pretty happy with the elements in this photo of a fountain in the People’s Park, Dun Laoghaire, when just as I went to take it a bird decided to perform a fly-by and – in my humble opinion – make the image a whole lot better.

Sometimes you just get lucky I guess. Click for the big version to get a good look at the little poser!

Face in the fountain

I have just been sorting through some photos I took while strolling through Dublin last Friday night. I had no plan in mind, I was just walking that way and I had the camera, so I took whatever caught my eye.

Upon review of these images, I am now concerned that I may have overlooked something important with my naked eye when taking this (un-photoshopped) image of the water feature outside of the Grand Canal Theatre.