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Getting back in the groove

Liffey view from Grattan Bridge

Liffey view from Grattan Bridge

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I had lost my photo-mojo recently. Well, happily I think I have located it! I brought my camera to work today. I took the first two photos in this post on the short stroll home from work a few hours ago. I took the last two during lunch-time on my way for a bite to eat. Even when you’re not putting any great effort into it, there’s still great joy to be taken out of it. I love photography!

Oh and I am planning some shots tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to!


Four Courts view from Arran Street East

Meanwhile, at lunch-time today:


A bird perches on top of Daniel O’Connell

Swans by the Liffey boardwalk

Swans by the Liffey boardwalk


A pair of Dublin’s famous seahorses watching the world go by from their lamp post on Grattan Bridge.