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An evening walk in Duncannon

I spent the weekend at home in Wexford.

Before leaving yesterday (Sunday) evening, my mother (Phyl); her three eldest grandchildren, Shauna, Atlanta and Savannah; Rusty (the most blogged about dog in Wexford) and I all set off for a walk on nearby Duncannon Beach.

The wind was really strong, the tide was right in, it was freezing cold… and a lot of fun!

The sun was setting as we came back up the beach too, which made for a pretty picture – one I don’t do justice to with these photos.

Thanks as ever to my willing young models and apologies to their mother (Amy) for sending them home slightly wet and mostly covered in sand!

Footsteps in the sand (Atlanta)

Footsteps in the sand (Atlanta)

Rusty and Shauna

Rusty and Shauna

Phyl and Savannah

Phyl and Savannah




Koala in the long grass

Koala in the long grass



The result of said messing

The result of the messing – Savannah came off worse!

More messing!

More messing

One of the two poor dead seals we came across

One of the two poor, dead seals we came across…

And the other one

And the other one



Shauna on the first of the two crucial rocks for the stream crossing

Shauna on the first of the two crucial rocks for the stream crossing

Atlanta and Phyl

Atlanta and Phyl


Sisters jumping!

Sisters jumping!

Looking towards the South Beach housing estate

Looking towards the South Beach housing estate


Atlanta and her cold face!


Running down

Savannah preparing for take off

Taking flight

Atlanta taking off


Granddaughter and grandmother fleeing the waves

Granddaughter and grandmother fleeing the waves as the sun disappears

Festive Season Odds and Ends

Here are some photos from the days between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. They can be broken down into roughly three sections.

Hook Head: We took a walk in Hook Head on a very wild day and it was beautiful, with waves crashing against the rocks and the foam and spray creating its very own white Christmas for the visitors braving the elements. However, I had no tripod as I lost it here on Christmas Day after leaving it behind me and, in any event, the wind was so strong it was impossible to stand still, let alone hold a camera still. In fact the first thing we heard on the radio after getting into the car to drive to the Hook was to stay away from exposed coastal areas due to extremely strong gale force winds… but we weren’t the only people ignoring that sound advice! The light was poor too, so hence the pretty awful image quality, which does not even do scant justice to the beauty of the Hook that day. I’ll get it right there some stormy day!










Curracloe: Another walk. This time in my favourite place, which I have blogged about many times before on here. Again my missing tripod would have been a great help due to the low, fading light, but I took a few shots anyway. Plus, tripod or not, they would have been no match for Curracloe on a sunny day.





Round the house: These mostly involved testing my new lens by pointing it randomly at various household objects and patient relatives, as well as taking a few shots of my sister’s family – another of this blog’s regular star turns – when they came to visit.


















A White Christmas… of sorts!


So to escape Christmas cabin fever and get some much-needed respite from rich food I went for a walk this afternoon.

I met the normally Helsinki-based Kevin and Kati at the only place you can experience a “White Christmas” around these parts this year – Hook Head.

That’s if you don’t mind substituting sea foam for snow. I certainly don’t.

The unseasonably mild weather we’re having is great, especially after the cold snaps we had last year. I can’t say I miss the snow at all – or all the problems that came with it.

The wind was really strong down on the Hook peninsula today, which made everything that bit more spectacular and sent the snow-like foam floating around us on a short walk as the waves came flying in.

I realised this evening I really better get a crash course in camera settings soon. There was a bit of light when we arrived, but the sun was sinking fast and the conditions were tricky enough for a novice like me.

With better knowledge of my equipment (a Nikon SLR camera I have a loan of at the moment) I’m sure I could have got a lot better images. There was a definite gap between knowing what I wanted to do and being able to do it, which was frustrating.

Another item for the 2012 to-do list!