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Birds at Raven Point, Curracloe



I got to Poolbeg as the light was fading last Friday evening and went for a walk from beneath the smoke stacks out along the Great South Wall (or South Bull Wall) to the lighthouse at the end of it, which is pretty much smack bang in the middle of Dublin Bay.

It was a beautiful evening and with my current injury woes I was moving (painfully) slowly. But this just meant even more time to take in the beautiful surroundings as I made my between Poolbeg’s two famous landmarks and back again, by which time the sun had well and truly set.

The interesting thing about the setting sun (apart from the fantastic sky of course!) was that when I was facing back towards Dublin city and the smoke stacks and then facing out into the bay, towards the lighthouse, they were two completely different skies.

Anyway, here’s Poolbeg as I saw it. As ever, click on the images for the big files, if you so wish.

P.S. If you don’t like lighthouses and/or smoke stacks then this is definitely not the post for you!